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About the Spacie Awards

Welcome to the Spacie Awards. Back in mid 2016, Space Coast Comixx conducted a contest over Facebook to learn who was the most note worthy in the independent scene for comics, cosplay, movies, and much more. We created ten categories, and each day we had thousands of people voting for their favorites. It was fantastic seeing so many people voting for their favorite creators. We were introduced to titles we had never heard of and we were excited. My partner who owns Space Coast Comic Con suggested we hold an awards ceremony at SC3 and thus was born The Spacie Awards.

    We hope to see everyone come out and enjoy this exciting time at the Spacie Awards at Space Coast Comic Con on opening night. This year it will be September 8th at 8pm. The nominees listed in this book are pillars in our community that have worked hard to get where they are today and it is an honor to have them listed within our sacred pages.

      We applaud everyone who was nominated, and we can’t wait to see which of our nominees rise to the top to become the Spacie Award recipient in their category. Good luck everyone.

        Jake Estrada and David Grace

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